Jogja International Creative Arts Festival


Visual Arts & Creative Industies


22 September – 2 Oktober 2022

Pakuwon Mall Atrium Yogyakarta

10 am – 10 pm

Organized by Faculty of Visual Arts – ISI Yogyakarta & Pakuwon Mall Yogyakarta, and supported by partners from overseas universities and industrial associations.
JICAF’s Scope of Activities #2 is to formulate concepts, themes, and strategies for creative collaboration activities. Also explore the potential of creative people and creative industries who have talent in creating world-class products sourced from knowledge of Indonesian arts and cultural traditions. This festival is to help present, organize, and socialize works of art creatively and globally.

ISI Yogyakarta invited participants from the Bundipatnasilpa Institute and Silpakorn University Thailand; Seoul Institute of the Arts, Korea National University of Arts, Seocho-dong Campust, and Daehak-ro Campus; Eszterhazy Karoly University; UITM and Malaysian Institute of Art; Vietnam University of Fine Arts.

The exhibition material curated by Dr. Mikke Susanto, M.A. & Agus Sriyono, S.Sn. including fine arts (painting, sculpture, and graphics); applied arts (craft and design); Furniture and handicraft industry. A number of artists also supported this exhibition, including: Ichwan Noor, Ima+Nasirun, Lutse Lambert, Noor Asif, Timbul Raharjo, Eddi Prabandono, Hedi Hariyanto, Noor Jayadi, Ivan Bestari, and others.